NTS Central Office / Main Switching Facility

The NTS Central Office (CO) is part of a 85,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art All Fiber / VoiP situated in the prestigious Warner Center located in Woodland Hills, CAs. This multi-million dollar facility is seismically designed to withstand most natural disasters- including an earthquakes / power outages. The spacious facility features raised floors, state-of-the-art redundant fiber optics and redundant self contained fire suppression and cooling system. With 4,000 amps of battery backup, and 1.5 Megawatt turbo-charged generators, the facility can be separated from city water and power services and still remain full operational for up to 10 days - the backup generators alone could power a city of 10,000 people. The facility is staffed with a 24x7 technical support and video camera surveillance- all designed to bring a greater sense of ease and security to all our clients.

Latest Technology Switches

The NTS main switch facility has dedicated fiber access to all major carriers. Our switching technology directly communicates with our billing systems for maximum throughput. We have answered Billions of phone calls, for our customers and provide 24/7 live support.

Most Comprehensive Software Systems Available

Access all the latest features and functions. Each of our proven operating systems are fully customized to give you better conversions on your traffic. For over 20 years, NTS has been the innovator in the interactive communication industry. Our systems are proven, and are protected with our own patents and other technologies under license. Ask your sales rep about the following NTS Features: