Fraud Control

In today’s world of Fractional Entertainment, having solid billing features with micro-payments / non face-to-face transactions is critical. For over 20 years, NTS has been the pioneers in comprehensive fraud control. Together with Daily analysis of traffic / sales and user recourse, NTS is able to provide maximum user approvals and reduce recourse. Millions of records reside in our real time systems, along with 24 /7 live customer service to provide continuous updating. NTS also works directly with large financial institutions to get negative data into our systems, therefore providing a hedge of any potential fraud.


NTS has been maintaining and updating our database for over 20 years. We have more negative and positive information than all our competitors combined. We estimate that 20% of the US population resides in our systems. Having this information allows for better fraud control from hackers and individuals with poor credit history. Better information allows for more positive transactions and user experience.

Proven Methods

Since 1990, NTS was the first to incorporate Automatic Number Identification “ANI” and Credit Card numbers into a central database. By cross referencing this available information in “real time”, dramatically reduces fraudulent transactions.

Custom Support

NTS offers 24 / 7 customer support to any customer or financial institution. It is critical to always update our systems with new information to prevent fraud and to increase positive conversions.